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Download This: The Enablers cover T.I.’s “Whatever You Like”

Yeah, I am a couple years late jumping on the bandwagon on this one…

Recently Rob Coe, front-man of The Enablers,  emailed me a link to a kick ass T.I. cover that his band did a few years back.  I had heard of his Gainsville, Florida, punk act before but for whatever reason never got to check them out.

The Enablers actually are made up of other bands you may have hear about.  Rob Coe is from Fay Wray and their bassist was in some band called Dashboard Confessional.  They sound familiar…

The cover of “Whatever You Like”, originally written by the currently incarcerated rap star T.I., is brilliant.  I have listened to it over and over and just can not get enough of it.   One might be fooled upon hearing it not thinking it is a cover.  Here, check it out for yourself:

The Enablers - Whatever You Like

This cover does sound more like Lucero, but the rest of The Enablers is more like a Social D, Husker Du sound with a little Springsteen vocals added to the mix.  Not as fast and furious when it comes to the punk sound, but not exactly to be considered rock.

Here are a couple other songs I found online if you want to hear some of their original material.  I know I am digging it.

The Enablers – “Drink Beer”

The Enablers – “Tomorrow”

I am going to be searching for their material online.  I believe there is an EP out there waiting for me to purchase.  This is stuff I need to have in my vinyl collection.  I am not sure how active they are these days but I know Rob Coe did play the Suburban Home Records anniversary show last summer.

I guess there is only one way to find out…  Let’s see if Rob wants to do an interview.  Stay turned.

Download This!: Suburban Home Records Mixtape Volume 5 – Someone’s Gonna Die

Download Suburban Home Records Mix Tape Volume 5, Someone’s Gonna Die

Step One: DOWNLOAD THIS! – Suburban Home Records Mixtape Volume 5 – Someone’s Gonna Die

Step Two: Enjoy it.

Step Three: Share it with as many people as possible.

Why?  Because I said so. Don’t believe me? Check out what the good folk of Suburban Home said in their latest blog:

Suburban Home Records Mix Tape Volume 5, “Someone’s Gonna Die” marks a new approach to our Mix Tape series. Partly because it costs less money and partly because we found so many songs we had to put on this mix (putting the running time at over 100 minutes), Mix Tape Volume 5 is available as a free download and not a physical compact disc. While we will miss the physical, tangible qualities of the past volumes, I won’t personally miss having to burn thousands of CDrs and hand-packing every one of them. Let me know your thoughts on this approach.

“Someone’s Gonna Die” was inspired by I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In the House’s new album, “The Sounds of Dying”. Our own Andy Thomas helped me put together the track listing for this mix. The first two songs are from the new album which will be up for pre-order on Thursday, July 15th. The 2nd of Sonofabitch’s songs is a cover of Two Cow Garage’s “Postcard and Apologies” and their version is absolutely fantastic. We figured it only fitting to put Two Cow’s version on right after and while keeping with this mindset, we put a Townes Van Zandt cover by Michael Dean Damron (of ICLASOBITH) followed by the original song. The rest of the mix finds a number of Suburban Home tracks from the likes of Austin Lucas (new demo), Tim Barry, The Takers, Armchair Martian, Jr Juggernaut, Jon Snodgrass, Drag the River, and Look Mexico alongside some of our favorite tracks by new and old bands. We took submissions for this mix by bands who thought their music would work on this volume of our Mix Tape and while we had only planned on putting 1 or 2 songs from these submissions, we put like 6 or 7 songs. We apologize to those of you who submitted tracks that were not selected, but we hope you understand that it was impossible to put all the submissions on. Additionally, I picked a few of my favorite newer bands like The Evening Rig, Arliss Nancy, and John Moreland and the Black Gold Band. We put a number of oldies but goodies from the likes of Lucky Old Sun (Ben Nichols old band), Slobberbone, the Replacements, and more. I think that this could be my favorite Mix Tape yet. I haven’t stopped listening to it since we finished it.

Please download this mix. If you run a blog, please post it on there. If you are in a band on this Mix, please post the mix for download on your Facebook/Twitter/Myspace pages. After downloading the zipped folder, send it out to everyone you know. If our yousendit link expires, just email me or post a comment and I will replace the link with a new one. We really hope you enjoy this mix and if you find some new bands that have caught your ear, please consider buying a record from them or their label and make sure you mark their tour dates on your calendar.

If you could take anything home from our previous mix tapes, it would be great if you downloaded the mix and shared it with at least 4 other friends. I would love to see this mix reach people all over the world. As I always say, music is meant to be shared.

Download hi-resolution cover art and back art if you want to print your own covers in the event you want to burn this onto CDs (it would have to be 2 Audio CDs or 1 Mp3 CD since there is over 100 minutes of audio). Artwork done incredibly by Brandon Proff.

Suburban Home Records Offers Mixtape For Free (Just Pay Shipping)

I just had to share this with everyone.  I received an email from Virgil Dickerson, the man behind Suburban Home Records.  The email was sent out to everyone who has ever ordered from Suburban Home Records or Vinyl Collective.  Usually the email lets the music fans know what is new and good on their label but this time around I saw a more personal message from the label regarding downloading.

Sometimes I think people forget that downloading music from the internet for free hurts the artist that created that music.  It also hurts the record company trying to help them out.  Free is good, but is it really worth it to hurt the bands you are actually downloading?

Not all record labels out there are money sucking corporate bastards and not all bands make millions of dollars.  A lot of the labels out there struggle to do what they love and rely on the music lover to support the bands they love by actually buying their albums.  The same goes with the bands.  Virgil is one of those folk in the world who is a label owner and music lover.  What he wrote below says it best about the situation.  He also came up with a novel idea of making a mixtape to offer to the music lovers out there free of charge (you just pay for shipping).

Hi friends,

As 2009 comes closer and closer to its end and I think about the new year ahead, I find myself thinking about Suburban Home’s future and how I can adapt to the constant changes in the music industry. I recently read an artist’s commentary on their lack of CD sales and how their album has been illegally downloaded at least 60 times more than it has been purchased. I can think of very few industries that have to struggle to sell something that is actively and easily acquired for free. Had I, for example, started a restaurant, it would be hard to be successful if people could download my best dishes from the comfort of their home. As a record label owner for over 14 years, I have accepted that this is just how people acquire and distribute music.

Technology has made being a music fan so much easier and well, exciting. You couple that though with the number of releases that come out every week and the normal attention spans of music fans and it can be a pretty daunting task to get the attention of music fans that would be receptive to the music we release. If I had endless amounts of money, I could mount a marketing plan that could reach every music fan in the world 10 times over. I definitely don’t have that kind of money and if I did, I wouldn’t feel right beating people over the head with our music. I like the idea that people who discover our artists and become fans of our releases do so on a purely organic level and because they truly love the music we release. When I hear someone say that they value Suburban Home’s releases and look forward to what we put out next, it means the world to me. I am surprised that after 14 years of running a label, I still love the music I put out. I see many more successful labels releasing records that sell an insane amount of records and I often wonder if they actually love the albums they release. I can say with ease that if the release features a Suburban Home logo on the back, I love the album. I can only hope that the handfuls of people who discover our little, independent label, likes what we do enough to tell others about our artists and our releases. I can only hope that when our acts tour through your town, each time they come through a few more people come out and the acts can make enough money to do another tour. I can only hope that we can sell enough records to cover our expenses and to hopefully put out more records.

Inspired by a documentary on mixtapes and the cheap punk samplers that turned me onto new music, I made a mixtape. The mixtape is free, all you have to do is pay for shipping. We will send you 5 copies with the hope that you keep 1 and give 4 to friends. You can help us spread the word about our little label while also finding out about the music we love. I started this little record label because I love music and I love the idea of sharing music with my friends. I hope to make a new mixtape every 1 or 2 months which will feature Suburban Home artists along side some of my favorite non-Suburban Home artists. Give copies to friends, yousendit to others, post it on your blog, share it whatever manner you can. We may not have the biggest marketing budgets around, but I think we have enough friends through music who can help us spread the word about what we do.

Please also consider taking advantage of one of our 12 days of xmas sales. I think we have posted a lot of killer sales and if you ask me, the gift of music is a great gift for the holidays (even if it is for yourself). Some of our sales might find you with doubles of our releases, just give those doubles as gifts and keep everything else.

Be aware that the US Postal Service gets pretty slammed this time of year and I recommend ordering sooner than later and also encourage you to select Priority Mail or UPS for quicker shipping.

Thanks for reading my little blurb and thanks for supporting what we do.

Your friend through music,
Virgil Dickerson

Please visit Vinyl Collective to grab a copy (actually when you order you get 5 copies – 1 for you and 4 for your friends).  This is the perfect way to check out some new up and coming bands out there.

Just looking at the bands on the mix I think more than just punk rockers are going to like it…  Jut check it out below.  There is punk, indie, folk, and much more.  Just pay for shipping and it is yours.  Do it.

1 Tim Barry – Thing of the Past
2 Tim Barry – Shoulda Oughta
3 Tim Barry – Tacoma
4 Chuck Ragan – Don’t Say a Word
5 William Elliott Whitmore – Old Devils
6 Micah Schnabel – American Static
7 The Takers – Taker Easy
8 The Enablers – Whatever You Like (T.I. Cover)
9 Drive-By Truckers – Gravity’s Gone
10 Deer Tick – Straight into a Storm
11 Drag The River – Lost Angel Saloon
12 Josh Small – Fifteen Twenty Eye (demo)
13 Horse Feathers – Curs In the Weeds
14 Have Gun Will Travel – Salad Days
15 Joey Kneiser – Bruised Ribs
16 Portugal. The Man – People Say (Acoustic Version)
17 The Builders and The Butchers – Red Hands
18 Yesterday’s Ring – Quebec City Blues
19 Chad Price – Cursed
20 Lenny and the Piss Poor Boys – Lonely Days & Whiskey Nights
21 American War – Rhetoric
22 Jon Snodgrass – Wild One (Thin Lizzy Cover)
23 Lizzie Huffman – Tumblers and Tea
24 Langhorne Slim – I Love You, But Good Bye

(FYI Ohio people…American War is from Kent, OH and that kid is talented as hell!!!)

Suburban Home Records + The Takers = Free MP3

If you have not heard of Suburban Home Records yet you really need to, it might just make you a better person.  The music label is home to a slew of great indie, punk, and even country/folk artists and has been putting out some great releases by, just to name a couple, Tim Barry of Avail, Joey Cape of Lagwagon, Ninja Gun, and even Austin Lucas.

Just today I received an email from Tony @ No Idea Records that I thought I should share with everyone out there about a pretty sweet offer:

Gainesville’s newest outlaw country band, The Takers, have just posted a free downloadable MP3 from their upcoming debut album, entitled Taker Easy, that will be released by Suburban Home Records on LP/CD July 21st.

You can download an MP3 of the title track “Taker Easy” on the Suburban Home Records website HERE.

The band recently leaked three other tracks from the album. You can stream “Curse of a Drunk,” “Drift,” and “Friends in Bottles” on the band’s MySpace page.

The band describes their sound as being “influenced by 70’s outlaw country and honky-tonk classics made standard at the time by legends like Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams Jr.”

Members have been playing in various Gainesville bands for years, with two members currently pulling double duty in No Idea Record’s Whiskey & Co.

The Takers released a 7” version of “Curse of a Drunk” on Suburban Home Records this past fall and have plans to release a collaborative split 7” with Austin Lucas in the near future

Take advantage of this opportunity.  As a fan of outlaw country I really got a kick out of this song and can not wait till the full release of the album.

If you liked what you heard here are a following options you have if you would like to order a copy:

If you want to be ahead of the game and would like to pre-order a CD copy of Taker Easy you should click HERE.

If you want to be a little cooler, pre-order a copy of the Taker Easy beer colored LP by clicking HERE.

If you want to one up everyone else and be the coolest, click HERE and pre-order the deluxe set that includes the LP, CD, T-Shirt, Beer Cozie, Shot Glass, Poster, and Button.  Now that is DELUXE.

Finally if you are the ultimate vinyl collector in the world, click HERE to order a hand-numbered and hand-written test pressing copy of The Taker’s Curse Of A Drunk 7″.  Keep in mind though that only 5 to 20 pressings are created each time a test pressing is created so supplies are extremely limited.

I can not be held responsible for empty wallets so order at your own risk.  I know I am seriously contemplating pre-ordering the LP because I know I am going to listen to it over and over.  The CD and LP will be released on 07/21/2009.

The Takers Tour Dates:
Jun 23 – The Atlantic-Gainesville, Florida
Jun 24 – TBA-Daytona Beach , Florida
Jun 25 – Tobacco Road -Miami, Florida
Jun 26 – Propaganda -Lake Worth, Florida
Jun 27 – New World Brewery, Ybor City, Florida
Jun 28 – Wills Pub , Orlando, Florida

(Hopefully one day they will make it up to Cleveland…hint hint)