The Flatliners – Cavalcade – CD Review

The Flatliners are about as punk as they come and I am not just saying that.  The foursome who hail from Toronto, Ontario does not care about the fame and fortune so many bands seek these days.  They prefer touring in vans, playing in dive bars, and sleeping on floors over lathering in luxury.  Recently releasing their third full length entitled Cavalcade on Fat Wreck Chords, the band continues on with their seven year career with just one thing in mind – play punk rock music because they want to.

Starting off as a ska-punk act, the band has matured into a more melodic punk rock outfit that clearly is represented on Cavalcade.  The powerful opening track “The Calming Collection” starts off album and introduces the listener to what is to be expected throughout the twelve song release.  “Carry The Banner” continues with a forceful track that was heavy on the rock with gritty group singing throughout.  Their sound is more likable than ever and just by hearing one song I knew I was in for something good.  I also got a kick out of the opening line sampled from the 80’s metal spoof band Bad News.

Bordering on pop-punk, “Bleed” is exactly what you would expect in a punk anthem sing-a-long with plenty of opportunities for the listeners to get involved.  It was the best track on the album i my opinion hands down.   “He Was A Jazz Man” reached back to their ska-punk roots and sounded just amazing.  “Shithawks” followed fast and furious with great harmony.  Then there was “Monumental” which laid off the punk for a moment producing a great rock track I really enjoyed as well.

Proving that they have no solid genre of punk “Filthy Habits” kept a heavier sound with plenty of screaming and authority.  “Count Your Bruises” stood out over most tracks with a much more mature style musically and lyrically.  I was impressed thoroughly with the whole album that displays how mature this young band has become.

The Flatliners have already been going places and will continue to do so based upon their way of life and ability to rock out.  Following their dream one day at a time, the band seems to always be on tour and not to mention continues to release solid punk rock efforts in a timely manner.  Fans of the real punk rock, not that fashionable crap, need to have the Flatliners on their playlist.  This release holds high as one my favorite punk releases so far this year and once you listen to it you just might agree.

DOWNLOAD THIS! – The Flatliners – “Carry The Banner”
DOWNLOAD THIS! – The Flatliners – “Monumental”

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  1. It’s great to know there are bands out there like this. They don’t ask for much just a place to play and rest their heads. If fame and fortune come then great. If not then who cares… It’s the music that matters.

    Well put.

    Dug the music.

    Good times.

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