The Girl’s Guide To Rocking Making A Stop In Cleveland

This post right here is proof that caters to everyone including our future musicians.

A Chicagoan by the name of Jessica Hopper reached out to me recently letting me know about a pretty cool little event going on this week.

I did a little research on Jessica just so it sounded like I knew what I was talking about on this post.  Seeing on how I wanted to talk about her book I felt the need to talk about here too and honestly I learned a lot about her making this even more of an interesting post for me to create.

Jessica Hopper has been in the music scene for quite some time.  She was involved in the Riot Grrrl movement, played in numerous short stinted bands, acted as a touring bassist for a couple bands, was a tour manager, and even published her own ‘zine at a young age called Hit It Or Quit It.  She was in fact a teen feminist and was outspoken at that.  She was (and still is) a punk rocker that has an open mind and loves to share.

Recently she wrote The Girls Guide To Rocking, a book aimed at the young ladies from ages 10 to 16 who want to know about how to form a band, book shows, record their music, and other musical tidbits to ensure a better start off into the world of being a musician.

Truth is from the intro I read so far, the book can be a useful read for any girl, boy, woman, or man who is looking for a hint on what ingredients are needed to cook up a band.  I actually hope to get my hands on a copy soon so I can read the entire thing.

The book has been getting a lot of national attention (see links below) and Jessica has actually been touring around the states reading excerpts from the book and at times is being joined by folk rock music artist Katie Stelmanis and her back up singers The Ghost Bees.

Jessica emailed me to let me know that this week she will be at Visible Voice Books in Tremont on 8/20.  She will have the book even from about 7:30pm and then the party will move to a place I seem to have been frequenting a lot, the Happy Dog, located on W. 58th & Detroit Ave.  At about 9:00pm Katie Stelmanis and The Ghost Bees will put on a show to add to the event that usually is together.  I would assume that due to space restrictions at Visible Voice Books the event had to be split up.

It looks to be a great time on Aug. 20th and I am sure the little ones out there who have dreams of being the next rock star will love it.  The show is all ages and I encourage any of you parents out there to take your kids to this.  School is right around the corner and me thinks this would be a great way to put a nice little end to your children’s summer vacation.  Who knows, maybe they will learn a thing or two and so will you.  (please note I can not be held responsible if your family turns into a Partridge Family, you are on your own there folks…)

For more information about The Girl’s Guide To Rocking please visit

Here are some links in regards to the book/ Jessica Hopper:
The Plain Dealer

Jessica Hopper also has her own blog but it’s intended for a more mature audence…

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