Times Of Yore: Automatic 7 – Beggar’s Life

It seems like it has been quite some time since I dipped into my past and talked about a band I really dug.

Today for whatever reason, I thought about a band I absolutely adored in the late 90s.  The first time I heard of them was on a 1998 Vagrant Records comp/sampler called Five Years On The Streets.

The band I speak of is New Jersey’s Automatic 7.  Does anyone remember them?

The album I became a huge fan of was their sophomore release titled Beggar’s Life.  It was put out by Vagrant Records back when they were a indie punk rock label.

Automatic 7

With major similarities to Face To Face, Jawbreaker and even Unwritten Law, I immediately became a fan the moment I heard their song “Broken Record”.   I loved this East coast band with a SoCal feel but sadly fairly certain that I never caught them live.

From what I have gathered on the good ol’ internet, the band disbanded around 2001 but reformed in 2006.  I will be honest, I have not thought about them since my early 20s, but I am stoked that for whatever reason I thought about them today.

Fun fact:  Trevor Keith of Fact To Face actually joined the band briefly in 1997.  Perhaps that is where some of their sound derived from.  I am ok with that.

If you still hold on to the music from your past and were a fan of 90s pop punk rock, check these guys out.




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