Weekend End Wrap Up

I end my weekend tonight watching The Rock on TNT, you know Nicolas Cage and Sean Connery and bio-hazard chemical warfare fun.  I am not interested in the Oscars one bit and NASCAR has overlapped on to my Seth MacFarlane Sunday night ritual…  Not as exciting as I wanted tonight to be but I will deal with it.

I watched a couple of movies over the weekend that really entertained me…

First up was Zack & Miri Make A Porno.  This movie was rude, crude, and hilarious.  If you have not seen it and are a Kevin Smith fan, or even a Seth Rogen fan, check it out.  I laughed my ass off.  After the movie my wife went to bed and I decided to check out the deleted scenes.  While funny they lasted almost 2 hours!!!  It was longer than movie itself.

This morning I checked out Jason Statham in Death Race.  The glorified Fast & The Furious kept me entertained with the dark action, but that was about it.  I liked the concept of the movie and it kind of freaked me out because I could totally see it happening one day…

My weekend was not spend in front of the TV entirely.  I admit it was relaxing and I could have gotten more accomplished but sometimes you need a weekend off.

In an attempt to be productive I went to Big Lots! this morning to get some dog treats and just see what junk was around.  I walked past what looked like a bn of junk DVDs and thanks to curiousity having the best of me, started looking through the titles.  Good thing I decided to do that because I found Singles and Reality Bites for $3.00 a piece.  Score.

I also have been cooking/baking a lot.  In an attempt to save money I have been trying to eat out less and make interesting meals at home.  Some of my meals have been next to delicious while others need some help by yours truly.  For example the chilled peanut Chinese salad was ruined when I added a wee too much garlic salt into it but the oatmeal walnut chocolate chip cookies were a great success.  Earlier in the week I fried up tofu and added it to a spicy dirty rice…delicious.  Next up I am trying what Kelly & Jose over at Sensory Overload had the other day.

This week looks to be a good week.  I am getting a free meal at the Texas Road House thanks to my employer.  I helped move some 300 computers last month and as a thank you they are taking me out to eat with some of the other guys that helped me out.  Good deal.  Friday I am going to my first hockey game ever and hope to see the Lake Erie Monsters win.

So that ends my weekend.  Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage saved the day…

Good night Cleveland and the rest of the internet world.

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