Why Is It…

…that so many bands skip Northeast Ohio?  I swear out of all the tours I hear about with bands it seems like less than 50% of them stop in Cleveland or Akron.  Someone will be talking about a band that is going on tour but when I look at their dates there is no Cleveland or Akron to be found.

Seriously, what gives?  Are you too cool for Cleveland?  Do we smell?

Don’t get me wrong, a ton of bands have played in Akron/Cleveland this year but there were a few shows (ahem… NIN for example) that never made a stop when they should have. I;m sorry, I am not going to make the drive to another state every time there is an amazing tour that misses us.  I just don’t have it in me.  I have done it in the past and have had fun but let’s be realistic…Cleveland and Akron both are capable of holding their own tours.  We have arenas, clubs, amphitheaters, and they have housed tons of bands for many years now.

For those bands that did stop and perform in Akron/Cleveland, thank you.  You have no idea how many music fans appreciate it.

For all you other bands out there I would like to know reasons why you skip Akron/Cleveland.  If you can play in Pittsburgh or Detroit, you can play here.

To help your concert promoter throw a stop in Northeastern Ohio next time I decided to help out by compiling a list of good things about Akron/Cleveland…

  • It’s not that bad of a city…really it’s not.
  • There are some pretty amazing concert venues in the area that generally have good outcomes no matter what day of the week year round.
  • Fans will travel in blizzards if they have to just to see the band they love.  It’s Ohio, we are used to driving in crappy weather.
  • Great Lakes Beer is brewed here.  Seriously if you have not had one of their beers on tap yet you are missing out.
  • We are not out of your way.  Generally bands drive through Ohio when they travel from Detroit to Pittsburgh, you might as well stop for a night.
  • We have excellent eatery establishments in the area.  There’s Melt in Lakewood, Chili Peppers in Collinwood, Lolita in Tremont, Crave in Akron, and tons all over the place.
  • We are a music rich area, people love seeing live shows whether it be a small club show or a sold out arena performance.

No Columbus does not count as an Akron/Cleveland stop either.  Get your show up here.  I am not pointing fingers at anyone specifically but I am sure many can agree with me when I say that Akron/Cleveland is passed up a lot by bands some of us can not afford to travel to see.

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