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Mastodon & Dethklok?

Prepare to have your eardrums destroyed.  Two of my favorite metal acts have announced that they will be touring together this fall. Mastodon & Dethklok team up on an [adult swim] tour with special guests Converge and High On Fire.

Oh man I am so there…

Date Venue City, State
10/2/09 Roseland Theater Portland, OR
10/3/09 WaMu Theater Seattle, WA
10/4/09 Orpheum Theatre Vancouver, BC
10/6/09 Big Four Building Calgary, AB
10/7/09 Shaw Conference Centre Edmonton, AB
10/9/09 Great Saltair Salt Lake City, UT
10/10/09 Fillmore Auditorium Denver, CO
10/12/09 Uptown Theater Kansas City, MO
10/13/09 The Pageant St. Louis, MO
10/14/09 Val Air Ballroom Des Moines, IA
10/16/09 Myth St. Paul, MN
10/17/09 Aragon Ballroom Chicago, IL
10/18/09 Eagle’s Auditorium Milwaukee, WI
10/20/09 LC Pavilion Columbus, OH
10/21/09 The Fillmore Detroit Detroit, MI
10/23/09 Sound Academy Toronto
10/24/09 The Fairgrounds Buffalo, NY
10/25/09 Armory Albany, NY
10/27/09 House of Blues Boston, MA
10/30/09 Hammerstein Ballroom New York, NY
10/31/09 Patriot Center Washington, DC
11/1/09 Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA
11/5/09 Tabernacle Atlanta, GA
11/6/09 House of Blues Myrtle Beach, SC
11/7/09 Hard Rock Live Orlando, FL
11/8/09 Pompano Beach Amphitheater Pompano Beach, FL
11/11/09 House of Blues Dallas, TX
11/12/09 Verizon Wireless Theater Houston, TX
11/13/09 Austin City Music Hall Austin, TX
11/14/09 Brady Theater Tulsa, OK
11/16/09 Pan American Center Las Cruces, NM
11/17/09 Mesa Amphitheater Mesa, AZ
11/18/09 House of Blues Las Vegas, NV
11/19/09 Palladium Los Angeles, CA
* schedule subject to change

Tiny Toons / They Might Be Giants “Particle Man”

Oh how I love the random function on my iPod.  I have been listening to all sorts of music this morning and one song in particular almost had me singing out loud.  The song, “Particle Man” by They Might Be Giants, has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid.  While listening to it I thought of the little Tiny Toons snippet that aired on TV one day…a cartoon music video of the song.

I immedately took a quick break from my work flow and searched for the video online.  Finally I found it so I can share it with you all.

This is one of my all time favorite cartoon clips/videos of all time:

Watch Tiny Toons – Particle Man clip in Music Videos |  View More Free Videos Online at

80’s Falshback Animation Style

When you feel like there is nothing left to do inside your house and the cold weather prevents you from doing anything outside the internet can be your best friend.  Now there is plenty for me to do inside, I just choose not to.  Instead I have been watching my favorite 80’s cartoons via YouTube.

I thought I would share some of my favorites with you all:

M.A.S.K. (Mobile Armoured Strike Kommand) is quite possibly my all time favorite cartoon from the 80’s. I do not think I missed an episode when I was a kid. I always dreamed of my first vehicle being a M.A.S.K. vehicle… Funny thing is, I still remember the opening lyrics but forgot how cheesy the music is. Got to love that 80’s music! I really wish they would put this cartoon on DVD already (I have only found bootlegs). I would buy it in a heartbeat for sure.

“In the near future, Doc Terror and his cyborg companion Hacker…” Hahaha, I never noticed that line before during the opening. Maybe there was much more to Centurions then my young mind could handle when I watched this show. It was on at like 6am on channel 61 right before the newly created Home Shopping Network began and I made sure woke up and quietly watched it so not to wake my folks up.

The Gobots… Transformers retarded cousins… This Hanna Barbara cartoon cracked me up with the voices and odd looking robots.  Do you think they will make a Gobot movie???  I hope not.

Visionaries… Not a huge fan of the cartoon but I loved the group herculean intro. Makes you feel super manly!

…umm… Not a favorite of mine at all… Love the intro song though! Also love the face that Pole Position was an arcade game and this cartoon was more Speed Racer….

Danger Mouse. The only reason I loved Nickelodeon.  Well that and You Can’t Do That On Television, Salute Your Shorts, and the Adventures of Pete & Pete…(some of which were more 90’s shows…)

Ghostbusters. It was ok, but not as entertaining as the next…

This version of Ghostbusters was way more entertaining and tripped out…  I could not get enough of this show.  It was whacked.

So there is my small list of some 80’s favorites.  I know I am missing a few but I can not for the life of me remember some of them.  I admit I watched a lot of cartoons when I was younger.  I left the obvious ones out like Ducktales, Tale Spin, TMNT and Transformers because I think that pretty much everyone remembers those cartoons.  I was trying to point out the obscure.

What are some of your favorites?