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What The French…Toast? – Endless Soybeans

Once in a while I come across something so strange on the internet that I just need to share it with everyone.  In doing so I will start a new random posting called What The French…Toast?  The post will be aimed at making you scratch your head and think WTF???

Endless Soybeans (found on www.japantrendshop.com)

Mugen Edame Soybean Keychain
Mugen Edame Endless Soybeans Keychain
 From Bandai, the makers of the immensely popular PuchiPuchi Virtual Bubble Wrap comes the adorable and no less addictive Mugen Edamame Keychain. The edamame (soybeans) can be popped in and out of their pod, evoking the sense of eating one of Japan’s favorite snacks while satisfying pop-happy fingers at the same time.

I want.  This is awesome…