The Bomb – Speed Is Everything– CD Review

Hey Jawbox fans, have you been looking for something to tide you over until they finally drop something new this year?  I can’t promise that they will even release new material but that set on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon really brought suspicions to the table.  Let’s hope for the best and until then I have a recommendation for you.

The band I speak of is called The Bomb.  Why should you check them out you ask?  Simple, J. Robbins of Jawbox recorded and mixed The Bomb’s most recent album Speed Is Everything.  He might have also contributed some singing throughout the album as did Dan Yemin from Paint It Black.  This is The Bomb’s second release and was released on No Idea Records.

Need more reason to check out this band I speak of?  Well I can tell you that the band includes former members of Naked Raygun, The Methadones, and even Four Star Alarm.  Oh I might as well throw in that they also cover a Flock Of Seagulls song – more on that in a bit.

This Chicago foursome features Jeff Pezzati, as well as Jeff Dean, Pete Mittler, and Mike Soucy.  With years of experience in the music world they came together and dropped a sophomore release that can stand strong next to a two decade old Naked Raygun album with no intimidation at all.  Perhaps that is a bold statement but after listening to it I think many of you can and will agree.  To me it has a sound that fits in that, dare I say classic, era perfectly.

“The Kids” and “Holiday” really have a post-punk sound straight from the early nineties and fans of that era will appreciate.   “The Rescue” was interesting as the song was sung from a hero point of view with interesting lyrics including hiding the goods.  “Haver” had a little harder punk feel throughout making for a good listen.

As mentioned previously the band took at stab at covering a Flock Of Seagulls song and I honestly like it more than the original.  When “Space Age Love Song” started I immediately knew it was a cover but was unable to immediately grab of whom but after a quick Google check that all changed.

Dan Yemin lends his pipes on the fast fist-pumping “Integrity” track that really rises over the rest when it comes to speed in the album.  “Spaceman” was another track I appreciated on the album a lot with it’s old school post-hardcore sound.  Title track “Speed Is Everything” was another notable track on the album and I even got a kick out of the album ending track “Blown Away”.

I could not help but think of other acts like Husker Du and Jawbreaker while listening to the CD as well as of course Jawbox.    Heavy drumming and straight forward guitar playing formulate a solid album of course with post-Naked Raygun singing styles.  I am shocked this band has not gotten a ton of hype seeing what they are made of but perhaps that makes this album that much more likable.  Old school fans of punk rock will adore this CD, well, at least I do.

Screw all that crunk-punk, emo baby, try too hard crap that recent bands have been dishing out, you kids need to check out The Bomb.  God, I feel old now saying that.  I feel like I just told all the punk kids to stay off my lawn…

DOWNLOAD THIS! The Bomb – “Spaceman”

Here is a live video of the band at a record store in NYC. Notice the excitement in the kid’s faces…

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