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Check It Out: Signals Midwest “Alchemy Hour” Video

I have had the pleasure of getting to know the dudes in Cleveland’s Signals Midwest for years now, so there is no reason why I would not be stoked on sharing their new music video for “Alchemy Hour”, a track off their latest release, At This Age.

Filmed by their pal Tommy Calderon, the video follows the band during their Fall 2016 tour.  Do not worry if you have noticed JR and Loren missing in some clips and Josh Voland as well as Ryan Williamson filling in when JR and Loren could not make some of the tour.  Just thought I should disclose that.  JV is good dude btw and carries leftovers with extreme pride.

At This Age was one of my top releases in 2016 and if you have not made yourself privy to it, you really should change that.

Check it out:


RIP Brandon Carlisle

  The music world lost a great man today who was also a brother and a friend to so many.  What is unknown is how it happened and many of us involved in the music scene are wondering why it had to happen.

Brandon lived the dream playing in Teenage Bottlerocket with family and friends. I was lucky enough to have seen him beat on the drums live. I never met him face to face, but my friends who have said he was straight up the nicest guy.  One of my pals even mentioned how Brandon remembered him from a previous band that opened for TB. 

Perhaps the biggest testament to the importance of this man was how much money was raised to help pal for his medical expenses. It was amazing to see so many contribute so quickly. 

Facebook has been flooded with memories of Brandon and I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I spent some time reading them today. 

My conclusion?  He was a seriously good human. 

Everything will be ok. It’s just going to be sad around the scene for a bit. 

I hope Brandon’s family finds peace in his passing and moves on without forgetting a single memory. 

RIP Brandon. 

Cincinnati’s Mixtapes Sign To No Sleep Records!

It always makes me happy to see a hard working band get signed to a label, especially one that I dig a lot.  Cincinnati’s Mixtapes recently announced that they were picked up by No Sleep Records and were currently recording their first full-length album that will drop this Spring.

Ryan Rockwell (singer / guitarist) had this to say about getting signed and releasing new material:

“We are really excited to be signing to No Sleep Records and making our first full length, we are currently in the studio and making magic. We are excited to be spreading the lyrics of Cam’ron, good fashion techniques, and also the opportunity to make friends of many races, nationalities, and even different musical taste (maybe). We are recording just over 20 songs and can’t wait to see what makes the album. As for the sound it sounds pretty much what we sound like, although less acoustic.”

I’ve seen this band numerous times at small venues and cramped basements and talk them up a lot with good reason.  They are a great act to listen to as well as see live, and I look forward to hearing their full-length this Spring.  If you like your punk a little poppy with humor and realistic themes throughout songs, then check this band out.

Dave Hause & Cory Branan To Play Akron’s Gurley House!

Stoked is one word that explains how I felt when Dave Hause gave me the thumbs up Thursday that he would play the Gurley House in Akron with his current tour mate Cory Branan.

A few weeks back, I noticed the the guys had a one day break from touring.  Since they for whatever reason had no Cleveland stop, I asked them to play a house show.  They were all about it.  So, with short notice, I reached out to the Gurley House in Akron and asked if they were down for a show.  Once I got their OK, they helped me recruit two amazing local bands, Signals Midwest and Harvey Pekar, to jump on the bill.  It is going to be an awesome night.

Dave Hause is most commonly known for being in the amazing punk rock band The Loved Ones.  Hause also has been doing the solo thing for a few years now (more on that in an upcoming interview I did with him).  He dropped an amazing full-length album earlier this year titled Resolutions that everyone needs to hear.

Cory Branan is a singer / songwriter from Mississippi who has just an amazing voice and sound.  Branan has worked with Lucero in the past on their albums and vice-versa.  His name is actually dropped on the Lucero song “Tears Don’t Matter Much”.  If you have not heard of him yet, you are missing out.

With such short notice though, I need everyone to please spread the word.  I would love to have a nice turnout for these guys.  If you plan on going, bring some cash for donations.

Special thanks to Jeremy of the Gurley House for hosting the show on such short notice and also to Corey for making the above flier.  Also big thanks to Signals Midwest and Harvy Pekar for agreeing to play.

This is going to be a really fun show so you should all come on out.  What else do you have going on a Thursday night in December?