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New Coheed & Cambria Song…

Well it’s been a little over a year since prog-rockers Coheed and Cambria dropped new material. Today the band released “Deranged”, a track to appear on the upcoming compilation called Batman: Arkham City – The Album.  For those of you who do not know, Batman: Arkham City is actually a video game that is going to be released in mid-October.

Check out the track here:

Coheed and Cambria frontman Claudio Sanchez had this to say about the song:

“I write in a very conceptual format with the stories that surround Coheed and Cambria, but Batman has a much larger, defined history and rules that go along with it. My goal was to find universal themes from Batman’s existing history to help give the lyrics legs and dimension so that the song could live within that world.”

Daytrotter’s Barnstormer 5 Is Coming To Akron, OH!!!

Something cool is going to happen on Aug. 31st in Akron, OH…

The ever cool Daytrotter (also known as the Horseshack recording studio) is bringing Barnstormer 5 to Akron.  Daytrotter had the clever idea years ago to bring together up and coming country, folk, rock, and indie acts together and had them play in barns, hence the tour name.

The Akron stop will take place at the Conrad Botzum Farmstead Barn in the beautiful Cuyahoga County  National Valley. This place rules and I can honestly say that as one of my best buds and his lovely wife tied the knot there almost a year ago.  The barn is amazing as is the scenery that surrounds it.  This is a show not to be missed.

The Akron stop will feature White Rabbits, Doug Paisley, Wildlife, Priceton, and Hacienda.

Tickets are $20 in advance and can be purchased through the Daytrotter website.  Tickets will be $25 the day of show. 

Doors are at 5:30p and the show starts at 6:30p.  Conrad Botzum Farmstead Barn is on 3486 Riverview Rd., Akron, OH 44333.

For more info, head over to Daytrotter.  While you are there, check out all the amazing bands they work with and download some sessions!!!

Here’s a couple of videos from past performances:

Mid-Week Pick Me Up: Larry And His Flask

Larry And His Flask just hit my ears this evening in a good way.  I had heard about them before but never had the chance to check them out.  What the hell took me so long?  This band is amazing.  So who are they?  Hailing from Bend. OR, this band is a six-piece stand up act that infuses punk and folk perfectly into some pretty catchy sounds.

Seriously, if you have not heard of this band – and I know I say this a lot – but, you are missing out.

Here, check this out:

More?  Ok…

Looks like the next time these guys are hitting up Cleveland is when the Warped Tour makes a stop at Blossom Music Center in July.  I know I retired from the Warped, but I really really want to see these guys live…

Mid-Week Pick Me Up: The Constellations

Man, it’s only Wednesday???

This week may be dragging a bit but this morning I heard this awesome song by an Atlanta act who call themselves The Constellations.

DOWNLOAD THIS! – The Constellations – “Setback”

Imagine, if you will, what would happen if you mixed the Gorillaz with MGMT.  The combination of similarities form into this great multi genred track without going overboard.   The song seriously impressed me upon first listen.  Learning that the band contains eight members intrigued me even more.

Making things even more interesting I happened to receive a Constellations 7″ (not kidding) in the mail today that not only had “Setback” but also the killer track “Love Is A Murder” featuring Cee-Lo!  This is no Gnarls Barkey attempt but rather something much more likable (at least to me).  After hearing just two tracks off the album I have very high expectations of the full length.

I have to say I am rather pumped for The Constellations to release their debut album titled Southern Gothic on June 22nd.  It took the band two years to record the album with help from producer Ben H. Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley).

You fancy yourself a Broken Bells fan?  Well you should check this band out pretty quickly before they blow up all over the music scene.