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Album Review: Worship This! – Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You

I always told myself that I would never review bands who were also my friends, but I’d be a fool not to review the debut release by Northeast Ohio’s very own Worship This!.  Having just signed to A-F Records, Worship This! is about to drop Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You next week, and let me tell you, this is one impressive debut.

Consisting of Josh Taylor (vocals, bass), Jeremy Provchy (vocals, guitar), Aaron Novak (vocals, guitar) , and Jeff Hart (drums), Worship This! has definitely put in their time since then band’s formation in 2010.  Hailing from the Akron / Cleveland area, Worship This! are not new to the scene as all of the members have been involved with various local bands for the past 15 years.  Forming through friendships and mutual acquaintances, the boys of Worship This! were almost meant to be.

“I, Human” started off with Taylor screaming “I don’t wanna be human” at the top of his lungs making for any music fan to turn their head and pay attention.  Full of energy and ideals that slightly reminded me something Propaghandi might make mention of, I really liked how I could hear an immediate chemistry throughout the band members.  The moment I heard that opening song, I knew it was in for something good.  “Jen, with 2 Ns” continued to fuel that feeling

I adored “Indifferent” for so many reasons.  Not only was the track catchy as hell, but it carried  the feelings of being too old for the scene, contemplating giving it all up, and then coming to a realization to move on without care.  This song was solid start to finish and one of my favorites on the entire album.  Full of catchy riffs, infectious drumming, and just an overall sense of pride of current state of being.  It is no wonder the band chose this song to make a music video.  Seriously, the following lyrics from this track have been stuck in my head for weeks:

“I’ve given my all, maybe its about time that I hang it up.  There’s so many things I never did, and I life I never lived. Maybe I’ll stop getting dirty looks from all these kids.”

I swear, I have had those same thoughts in my head numerous times over the last couple of years.  Look for the video to be dropped around the time of the album.

“Summit Tower” really was put together flawlessly.  Provchy took over vocal duties primarily while the rest of the band just jammed out alongside.  I may have caught myself signing along to this one the first time I listed to it.  The upbeat “Springs and Levers”,  moved along well thanks to Novak and Provchy exchanging lines throughout.

The lyrically deep “Purpose and Meaning” flowed directly into “The Fear Of Missing Out”.  The songs were like a masterpiece, but different.   Seriously though, these two combined songs were addicting from start to finish.  You can just hear years of hard work put into both tracks and they last less than 3 minutes total.  Secretly, I wish those tracks were of a “November Rain” length.

Novak painted a pretty vivid picture as he sang at the beginning “Bike Ride”.  The song, which told the story about a neighboring house that suffered a grim demise, really carried well throughout.  “This house is my reminder of what we have and and who we live for” bellows towards the end of the track with “our lives carry on” ending it.

“Whatever Happened To You Melissa” reminded me of Dinosaur Jr. at the beginning, but only because of how the lyrics started off.  The song, clearly reaching back to a torn relationship, had a strong effect while listening to.  Listening to Novak and Taylor sing “I’ve lost all hope, in everything I know…and everything I loved” just brought back some of those memories you can’t ever get rid of.  This was another track on the album that blew me away.

“Momophonbe” has radio playable qualities.  The chorus alone reminded me of, dare I say, Gaslight Anthem, sans the whole I’m-from-New-Jersey-and-love-Bruce-Springsteen-feel.  Taylor and Provchy made this song even better thanks to their singing styles bouncing back and forth.  “Anathema”, the closing track, started off melodic with singing that did not impress me, but moments later that all changed.  I loved the group signing on this track that eventually laid the album to rest.

Take everything you know and love about punk rock from the 90s onward and you can hear it in what Worship This! has brought to the table throughout the album.  This is far from a pop-punk band and anyone who labels them that needs to really reevaluate their opinion.  This is a band that successfully manages to merge all of their unique influences from over the years and package them into one great style.  We’re talking seasoned here folks, not young blood.

Fans of all of the current bands filling up the punk scene in basements, various self-funded punk fests, and even online should take note at this talent.  I could sit here and label off tons of bands, but why bother?  A-F Records has something good on their hands and I am sure they know it.  Add the fact that all four members are just genuine dudes who play music for the sake of playing music.

Friends or not, Worship This! has got my vote for album of the year with Tomorrow, I’ll Miss You.  Just like the Menzingers, Cheap Girls, Masked Intruder, and Luther wowed me back in 2012, Worship This! has done the exact same for me this year.  I can not stop listening to this album.  I can only image how crazy the kids are going to go for this release.  This is one album you should not sleep on.  Trust me when I say that.  Don’t believe me?  Head on over to PunkNews.Org and hear it for yourself.  You can thank me later.

The CD drops this Tuesday and a vinyl pre-order should be announced through A-F Records soon.