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Coheed & Cambria Join Heaven & Hell This Summer

This is a huge annoucement!!!  Coheed & Cambria were hinting about something good today on their Twitter account…

Coheed & Cambria were selected by Heaven & Hell (Ronnie James Dio, Tony Ioomi, Geezer Butler, and Vinny Appice) to join them for a summer tour.

The following comes from a Sony Music announcement:

(May 4, 2009 – New York, NY) Coheed and Cambria, the progressive rock outfit who are recording their fifth album, are also spreading their wings by playing to new audiences in 2009 creating more visibility in the metal world, as well as the jam and indie circles more than ever. Earlier this year, the band supported the heavy metal juggernaut, Slipknot, and now mix that with varied festivals such as Mountain Jam, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Austin City Limits it’s hard to find a current band that can stretch those kinds of boundaries.

There is another reason for Coheed supporting H&H. Black Sabbath (Dio version) was Claudio and Travis’ favorite group growing up, and Claudio’s very first concert – at NY’s Beacon Theater in October of 1992. “The night would prove to be one of the most influential of my life. I got the overwhelming feeling that the whole stage was alive–the lights seemed to be as controlled by the sounds as everyone there, and I would exit the venue that night with a fire lit under me.”

Seventeen years later, the band shares the stage with their mentors.

8/07 – Vancouver, BC – Thunderbird Arena
8/10 – San Jose, CA – Event Center Arena
8/11 – Los Angeles, CA – Greek Theater
8/12 – Phoenix, AZ – Dodge Theater
8/14 – Albuquerque, NM – Journal Pavilion
8/15 – Denver, CO – Red Rocks
8/18 – Cincinnati, OH – PNC Pavilion
8/19 – Chicago, IL – Charter One Pavilion
8/21 – Detroit, MI – Meadow Brook Pavilion
8/22 – Cleveland, OH – Nautica Pavilion
8/23 – Baltimore, MD – Merriweather Post Pavilion
8/25 – New York, NY – WaMu Theater @ MSG
8/27 – Wallingford, CT – Chevrolet Theatre
8/28 – Boston, MA – Bank of America Pavilion

This is going to be a unique show for sure and I am planning on checking out the Cleveland stop.  I’m shocked to see the Cleveland stop is being played at Nautica, a smaller venue than the last venue that Heaven & Hell played at.  This show will be selling out so make sure you get your tickets as soon as they go on sale.

I have a feeling many of the Heaven & Hell fans are going to be asking why Coheed & Cambria was chosen and not another metal band…  After all the last time I saw Heaven & Hell tour a few years back, Machine Head and Megadeth opened for them. 

I think that once Coheed & Cambria takes the stage in front of those questioning fans and dish out a few songs they will not wonder anymore.  Live Coheed is amazing and I am hoping will be appreciated by Heaven & Hell fans.

Heaven & Hell released their first album in 17 years titled The Devil You Know.   

Coheed & Cambria recently released Neverender a box set of a live show they played in NYC last October where they played four nights, each night playing an entire album start to finish.

Crack The Circus

I’ve been keeping a secret of sorts for the last week from you all.  It has to do with music so I hope none of you are too shocked…  I have two shows lined up this week that I am attending.

Tomorrow I am headed to Columbus to one of them.

Who am I seeing you ask? Good question.

First let me tell you who I am seeing this Saturday with Matt and two of my out of town friends…


On the night of Gaslight Anthem a couple of weeks ago Matt gazed into my eyes and asked “do you like Mastodon and would you be interested in catching them in a couple weeks?”  My answer was of course yes. The show is sold out at the Beachland in Cleveland and until Matt hooked me up I really thought I was not going at all.  My friends Shannon and Josh from West Virginia reached out to me a month ago stating they were driving all the way up here to see them.  I told them we would all go so it will be even more enjoyable now.

A lot of people are loving Mastodon’s new album Crack the Skye with the progressive metal wizard rock.  Some on the other hand think the band went soft because this album is not as hard as the others and there is actually harmonic singing this time.  I think it is awesome and from what I heard the band will be playing the entire Crack the Skye album start to finish during one set followed a second set full of older material.  I can not wait!  The CD is one of my favorite releases so far this year.

Still wondering who I am seeing tomorrow?  I will give you a couple of hints…

-I am not a fan at all
-Under normal circumstances I would not be caught dead at this type of show
-I own nothing by this artist

So if I am not a fan and would not want to be caught dead at this show then why am I going you wonder?

Well I used to be a part of an alt-girl pin up website where I met a lot of cool people.  After leaving I stayed in touch with a few of the members who were more so friends.  Actually Shannon and Josh, my WV pals, are from the site.  Anyways one of the guys on the site went by the name Prendick.  He and I became good friends while I was on that site and continued to keep in touch after I left.

Prendick had something happen to him last week that will change his life forever.  To respect his privacy I will not discuss what happened but he reached out to me last week saying he had tickets to a show in Columbus and asked if I would take the place of someone.  Under the circumstances I told him of course I would attend.

Tomorrow night I am going to see Britney Spears.

Brokenheadphones at a Britney Spears concert???  Yes, I laugh at it too but I am actually looking forward to it now.  Mostly I am looking forward to hanging out with Prendick but I have been told the show has been entertaining.  I will do my best to take a few photos and post them here.

So this week is all about pop rock and metal.  This shockingly is not the first time I have been through something like this.

Years ago during the same week I saw Pink and a couple days later Slayer.  I remember sitting 4th rock center at the Pink show surrounded by screaming girls in pink shirts as I slammed beers and wore a CKY shirt.  Pink actually looked at me for a second because I stuck out so bad.

Anything is possible I guess.

Have you ever been to a live show that you did not tell your friends about or have you ever gone to a show that you never in your life thought you would?  I want to know!