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The Disco Biscuits To Release New Material In 2010

It’s been three years in the making but The Disco Biscuits are finally ready to release an all new album entitled Planet Anthem.  The electro-jam band seem to have changed up their sound since I last heard them and I must say I am curious to hear this release.

So far the only two songs I have heard are the recently released heavy electronic “On Time” and the rockier “You And I”.  Both songs are far from the jam band tunes I am used to but I enjoyed them both and can not wait to hear Planet Anthem.

I have always liked the Disco Biscuits ever since my pal Gary introduced them to me.  I think I was more partial to the electronic sounds over the jam but still I liked them enough to grab all of their CDs and even see them three times, twice at the Odeon (RIP) in Cleveland.  They are a band that caters to many music loving groups and their live shows are something that needs to be seen.

Check out the video below as well as the link I included for a taste of the new tracks I just mentioned.  I really think that this time around the band is going to be getting even more recognition than they have already received in their almost 15 year career as a band.

The following is from a press release I received:

Planet Anthem is the product of three fruitful years of labor, during which the Disco Biscuits absorbed everything from hip hop to pop to indie rock into their sound. The band collaborated for the first time with multiple producers, songwriters, and outside musicians, including Don Cheegro and Dirty Harry (Ludacris, Chris Brown, Beanie Sigel). While the album still bears the signature Bisco sound, it also broadens the group’s palette and contains a mountain of meaty hooks.

Now that I learned they are mixing hip hip and indie rock I am pretty certain that their new release is going to be causing some ruckus.


Snacktruck – Spacial Findings 1 – 7 – CD Review

When I see the words “snack” and “truck” the fat kid inside me usually gets excited and is ready to mow down some mobile junk food.  This time around though the words have different meaning and refer to a band’s name and not the no-so-good-for-you cuisine.   Snacktruck is a truly unique threesome from Richmond, VA consisting of a guitarist/keyboardist and two drummers.  Yes, two drummers.  (I do believe there is a guest bassist too but can not confirm that)

The band recently released Spacial Findings 1 – 7, an album that is more of a masterpiece of specifically layered sounds resulting in quite an impressive instrumental release.  With no pinned down genre the album glides through styles such as progressive, jam, thrash, and even pure rock with no hesitation what so ever in between.  The album was dropped on Rorschach Records.

If you asked me what Spacial Findings 1 – 7 sounded like I would first just say “awesome”.  Why?  Because the moment I put the CD in for a listen I was just fixed on what was hitting my ears and listened to it from start to finish with no interruptions.  The moment the CD ended I put it on for a second listen.  No joke.

When listening to “Presence Charm” I actually looked at the CD booklet to make sure that only three people formulated this song.  Heavily progressive but inclusive throughout there was no wonder why this caught my attention…it was good.

“Blooms (Horrible)” continued on with an experimental interesting piece that hooked around momentarily and ended far too soon.  I was digging the almost sci-fi soundtrack and was a little bummed when it smothered out.  “Blooms (Sweet)” stifled out just like the previous track right during a sweet guitar manipulation and that is when it hit me…  The band very well may take their songs completely into new territory when playing live so why ruin it on a studio release?  Now I want to see this band live more than ever.  I can only imagine the intensity of a live experience.

“Life Prism” was perhaps the highlight of the album for me until the following song “Blake Jones In Space” intensified the feeling.  Imagine insanity compiled into a two and a half minute song with sick drumming and technical goodness.  All I could think of is a mutant Mike Patton taking hits of 90’s grunge music heavy acid and painting a picture of the future through music.  Yes, I just said that.

“Gravi-Thorn”, the longest song on the disc, starts out ever so soft and gentle and suddenly transforms into a crazy collection of guitar and feedback with faultless drumming.  Did I mention the band has two drummers? 

Snacktruck surpassed my musical range in every way possible (that is a good thing) but I could not help but reach out and grab their insanity note for note and beat to beat because it was so alluring.  It’s without a doubt something that needs to be heard without being too much to take.  Technical music lovers and experimental intellectuals are going to love this trio of musicians.  Hell, music lovers need to give this band a chance, it’s that good.

Sound interesting?  Head over to Rorschach Record’s website to grab a copy for yourself!

Bonnaroo 2009 – Day 1 In Review

Still feeling good and excited for today’s second installment of Bonnaroo I thought I would share the link of the review I did for Blogcritics.Org on my day one experience.

Concert Review: Bonnaroo 2009 – 06/11/2009 – Day 1

The first day was insane.  It was just Adam and I as Matt decided to go to see the B-52’s play in Chattanooga.  (To each their own my friends…)  Being the nice guy that I am I dropped his ass off down by the river in Chattanooga and then headed to Bonnaroo with Adam for our first day of the four day weekend.

Bonnaroo is just as great as I remember it.  Tons of people all sharing the same vibe.  Music playing all over the place full of different genres.  Vendors selling their crafts as well as food and taking donations for various causes including something called “Mountain Top Removal“.

It was a little scattered on the farm as many people would not be arriving until Friday. People would actually be piling in all night long as some were not as fortunate as myself in having an extended weekend.

There are plenty more booths that need to be checked out and I will be doing some more of that today.

I saw some great acts I have never seen before as well as some favorites like Those Darlins.  Yes, I am aware that I talk about them entirely too much but once you see them live you will understand my liken for the bunch.  Not only is their music fun and catchy but the girls are super cool too.  After their set Kelly Darlin spotted me and recognized me from her last show in Cleveland.  She gave me a huge hug and chatted for a moment.  I’m not starstruck or anything, but how cool is that?  I know I am an unforgettable guy and all but for someone who has been non-stop touring for months and seen millions of faces, to remember one is pretty rad

John and Katie from Thirty Tigers were there too.  I seriously love those two, they are great.  Where I would have liked to have hung with them more after Those Darlins rocked out it was thunderstorming way too much and they had to help get the girl’s gear to their van.  I’m hoping to run into them today.

So I leave you here with some photos I took with my little camera yesterday.  I am not sure that I want to take in the good camera with the threat of storms and whatnot.  I prefer to come home with no damaged equipment.  We are prepared though.  I purchased a rain jacket and waterproof box and Adam and Matt both got ponchos.

Bonnaroo Day 2, here I come.

Those Darlins, Hacienda, & Dan Auerbach – Beachland Ballroom – Cleveland, OH – 03/05/09 – Concert Review

It was an entertaining evening Thursday night fueled by heavy doses of country twang and serious rock n roll thanks to the bands that performed at one of Cleveland’s best little venues, the Beachland Ballroom. The line-up was enough to call for that simple dreadful sign stating that tickets were sold out. All who were lucky enough to obtain admittance to last night’s performance certainly are still talking about the show that Those Darlins, Hacienda, and Dan Auerbach who is known as the lead signer of The Black Keys all put on.

Having heard about the show last week I decided that it was a show not to be missed and make plans to attend. Accompanied with a couple of friends who have love for the country and the rock I was sure they would have a great time checking out all the bands. We arrived to the Waterloo Rd. venue a little early as I was not certain how long it would take to make the trek there. The Beachland Ballroom is not located exactly downtown Cleveland but just a short drive away on a sketchy yet hip part of town. We arrived with no problems and finally made way into the ballroom. One of the things I like about the Beachland Ballroom is how quaint it is. It reminds me of a gymnasium from a middle school of my past with a stage and no real distractions in the main gathering area itself.

Calling them darlings is an understatement...
Calling them darlings is an understatement...

Once we finally got in we made a pit stop at the merch tables and I dropped five dollars on Those Darlin’s Wild One EP. For three songs the five bucks was totally worth it. The main reason I even planned on attending the concert was because of the trio of ladies otherwise known as Those Darlins. I just had received a taste of their sound last week and promptly posted a blog about it. What I heard not only made my day but also made me what to see them perform live.

Normally people get excited for the main act at a concert and the openers are almost like icebreakers for the evening. For the first time in a long time this was not the case for me. I dig the Black Keys and I have seen them live before. I actually had not heard the solo release yet on Dan Auerbach yet and to be honest I was more interested in seeing the opener over the other two bands.

Nashville’s neighboring sweethearts Those Darlins took the stage to a decent sized crowd and opened with “Wild One“. I think it is safe to say that they impressed the crowd right away physically and musically with their mix of country, folk, bluegrass, and sass. Dressed to impress, the three fine-looking girls and their mustache clad drummer had an amazing stage presence and were all smiles through their set. Sipping on strong drinks in between songs the girls shared singing duties and entertained all. “I love you” was shouted more than one time, and although I admit a major crush on the three darlings, I assure you it was not me.

They played the two other tracks on their Wild One EP including the humorous “Whole Damn Thing” as well as a healthy bout of tunes to be hopefully released on their debut CD in June. At times they sounded like The Carter Family and other times reminded me of a female version of Hank Williams III but much better looking. Seeing them live on stage having such a good time really added to the attraction. I was not ready for them to finish when they did and really could have listened to them play all night with their unique sound. I can only hope for a return by the sassy ladies once their debut CD is released.

Dan Auerbach
Dan Auerbach

Many people were excited to see the San Antonio rock jam band Hacienda take stage. I wish I could say I was too, but honestly the only thing I knew about this band is that they were backing up Dan Auerbach during his set and that their latest album, Loud Is The Night, was recorded at Dan Auerbach’s Akron Analog . I checked out some of the set and at times was shaking my head along to the beat. It was good music, but just not what I was looking to hear at the time.

Dan Auerbach with Hacienda and friends took stage after a short break. It was at this moment that I realized how sold out the show really was as I could barely move through the crowd to find a good place to watch the headliner. With only hearing a track or two off of Dan Auerbach’s Keep It Hid I knew it was not anything Black Keys but still was not completely sure what was going to happen.

The sounds Dan Auerbach and crew put forth reminded me of early rock at it’s finest with a jam feel at times. Each member on the stage had their own specialty to make the live performance even more interesting. Guitar solos, dual vocals, and smiles ear to ear by the performers just added to the good time being had by all. I got a huge kick out of the duel drumming and especially seeing Patrick Hallahan from My Morning Jacket do his thing moving from drum set to congo and maraca and even beating upon a giant triangle. Rocking out until after midnight the band continued to electrify. I can not tell you what songs they played as I still have yet to pick up the CD but I can tell you Keep It Hid is on my “to buy” list.

It was an excellent night for new music to hit my ears thanks to all three acts playing on stage. I became a bigger fan of Those Darlins as well as gotten a good taste of what Dan Auerbach’s solo material sounds like backed with a full band. Spite the sold out crowd it was a great evening and I know I was not the only one who enjoyed it. If these three acts happen to come your way and you are looking for a night of fun and music do yourself a favor and grab a ticket before it sells out.

The tour continues for just a few more dates.  Catch them if you can!

March 5 – Cleveland, OH @ Beachland Ballroom
March 6 – Chicago, IL @ Metro
March 7 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
March 10 – Seattle, WA @ The Showbox
March 11 – Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
March 13 – San Francisco, CA @ Bimbo’s
March 14 – Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre

The Bakerton Group – El Rojo – CD Review

The Bakerton Group aka Clutch
The Bakerton Group (aka Clutch)

Rock band Clutch collectively released a new CD from their side project band, which  some claim is an alter ego of sorts called The Bakerton Group.  Focusing mostly on instrumental music, the four-some recently, with help from Per Wibeg of Opeth, released El Rojo. The outcome of this CD strays slightly from the stoner rock but travels more so down the jam band style of music with elements of jazz and blues.

The Maryland rock act Clutch has been rocking out since 1990 and although they never reached the mainstream level, they have a huge fan base and have sold tons of albums as well as toured the world.  Their hard work over the years got them where they are today including a following of fans, more of a cult following as Clutch does not get played on the radio much nor do they have countless music videos for their material.  The band, which barely slows down, tours constantly and has eight albums under their belts.

The Bakerton Group was formed around 1999 by the members of Clutch perhaps to just try something different and expand their musical creativity.  Their first EP titled Space Guitars was released in 2000 and is still available for free download on the band’s website.  It was not until 2007 when a full length self titled album was released on River Road Records.  El Rojo marks the second release by the band and this time has been released on Clutch’s very own label Weathermaker Music.

The Bakerton Group is more of a rock jam session that will appeal to more than just one type of fan.  It’s easy to compare the sound to Clutch as all four members contribute. I admit that while listening to some tracks I was waiting for Clutch lead singer Neil Fallon to bellow out over the music.  While listening though I had to keep reminding myself El Rojo is an instrumental project full of a surplus of music types.

With El Rojo being my first taste of the Bakerton Group, I did not know quite what to expect other than instrumental songs.  Starting off the CD was “Time Horizon”.  All I could think of was how Clutch sounding the track was.  Being as big of a Clutch fan as I am, I was glad to hear the music, and it rocked, but my first taste of this side project was nothing out of the ordinary to me.

The CD really didn’t hit me until “Bien Clasico” played with intermittent crazy saxophone playing that even John Zorn would smile at.  The song had sort of a Disco Biscuits feel at times sans the electronics blips and bleeps.  The potent organ solo on “Life On Lars” was something worth listening over and over again.  “M.(F).H.S.” became  predictable sounding at times but turned out to be one of my favorite jams on the entire album.

I could not help but smile while listening to “Work Em” as perhaps Neil could not control himself as he just screamed out in the middle of the song finally giving me that total Clutch fix I was yearning for.  Whispering robot sounds added to the fun of this track not to mention the length of the song.  If there is any song on the album you want to preview to get a taste of what the Bakerton Group sounds like, this is a perfect song to start with.

For those of you who think the songs on El Rojo might be Clutch songs that never made it to one of their CDs, you are to a degree correct.  El Rojo to me was more intimate Clutch music that usually only can be heard behind closed doors when the band just feels like rocking out and not going to plan.  This is the music you only wish you could have heard before perhaps as a b-side or as filler at a live show.  The music is solid, composed, and extensive at times making for a great CD to just sit back and listen to.

The Bakerton Group will be touring with Clutch in support of El Rojo.  Technically speaking Clutch will be touring as The Bakerton Group opening for Clutch.  Does that make sense?  Who cares.  If you are a fan of Clutch you will love the Bakerton Group and should not pass up the opportunity of a full forced night of music when they hit your city.  If you are not a fan of Clutch but appreciate good musicianship, you too should at least sample the CD, you might just like it.

-For more info on Clutch and The Bakerton Group check out

-Head over to The Bakerton Group’s website and download the Space Guitars EP for free.

-For some extra content plus info on The Bakerton Group plus other Clutch projects check out Brooklyn Vegan.

-Here are some videos of The Bakerton Group from past shows: