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Jeff & Brian’s Birthday Show Is This Saturday @ Now That’s Class!!!

Dudes and dudettes…  It is with great honor that I inform you of the best show to ever happen on 02/02/13 at Now That’s Class in Cleveland, America:

Annabel (Cleveland) – Luther (Philly) – Ma Jolie (Philly) – Worship This! (Olympia) – Collapser (D.C.) – + Comedy by Matt Celeste

Doors at 8pm, show starts at 9pm.  $6 at the door.  Bring extra cash to spend on all the band’s merch, especially the out of town ones!!!  Ryan Ford, the guy who created this awesome flyer will be selling some prints of it as well.  It would be in your best interest to set one aside for me…  Seriously.

If you do not hit up this show, you are in fact missing out on an amazing night of top notch music and debauchery for those of you who engage in the alcohol induced drinks of fun or bath salts.

I am honored Mr. Jeff Russell of Signals Midwest has put my name on this flyer and is going to somehow try and Skype the show to me.  Sadly I can not be there on account that I am an idiot and moved across the country last June, plus I work that night…  Still, I really hope all my friends can make it out for this night full of some amazing bands that include some of my best buddies.  This is the show that you need to be at.  Tell everyone.

Album Review: Luther – Siblings & Sevens

Philadelphia pop punkers Luther recently dropped an EP titled Siblings & Sevens on Black Numbers Records.  This is the bands first official release and I must say, it’s catchy as hell.  Having formed just about a year ago, the band has a great sound to them that compares to The Menzingers, Get Up Kids, and even a little Superchunk.  The EP may only be seven songs, but each song proved this band has the potential of being a big deal.

The acoustic “Siblings” opens up the EP with a gentle, quick start.  Reminding me a lot of something The Riot Before might throw into one of their albums, I loved the song, especially the lyrics, but it just seemed to just stop.  This melodic song alone impressed me even if I felt the guitar was set down too soon.  “This Is Light Fight Club” immediately took over and set the level for the rest of the EP.  I loved the breakdown during this track that really reminded me of the 90s rock I used to adore.  The lyrics on this track begged to be sung along with as well.

“The Suitor” was without a doubt my favorite track on this EP.  Starting off like an old Gaslight Anthem song, it jumped into a tough track.  Carrying a lot of Jawbox similarities, it even had a nice little bridge in the middle with “tell me you don’t want this, tell me you can’t remember” repeating after.  At just over 5 minutes and if I had it my way, would have gone on for 5 more.  I may have been impressed before, but after hearing this track, I was a confirmed fan.

“There’s Always Money” actually featured fellow Philadelphian Tom May of The Menzingers.  I could not help but imagine this song being played in a cramped, humid basement of some random house full of excitable kids.  The gritty, raw singing just fit in well and was far from an overproduced punk rock song.  “The Communion” on the other hand leaned towards more indie rock, almost a Jimmy Eat World feel.  Good song, but not one of my choice tracks by far.  “Aztec Tomb” finished up the EP  with a lasting punk imprint as well as some group vocals at the end leaving me wanting more.

I am really looking forward to seeing what these guys have to offer on their full length release.  I have the feeling that they will not be wasting any time making that happen.  Siblings & Sevens as far as I am concerned is just a sample of of their talent.  The band has been touring like crazy (see below for dates) and will actually playing Cleveland on November 14th with Tom May (The Menzingers) at Now That’s Class.  It’s safe to say I will be there that night.

Check out Luther’s Bandcamp page and check out Siblings & Sevens for yourself!

The Menzingers Drop Video For “Irish Goodbyes”

One of my favorite up and coming punk acts, The Menzingers, have just released a video for “Irish Goodbyes”. This song is a brand spanking new track that will appear on a summer compilation.

Check it out:

The Menzingers: Irish Goodbyes from Love Drunk on Vimeo.

Fun little fact about this video: It was taken in one take (audio / video / live footage).  Impressive.

The Menzingers will be playing Cleveland soon.  If you have not seen them live yet and enjoy good punk rock, then you have no excuse to not hit up this show.

Sat. June 18th @ Now That’s Class
The Menzingers w/ Title Fight, Touché Amoré, Dead End Path, Light Years – $12

Leatherface – The Stormy Petrel – CD Review

Unknown to some but adored by many, Leatherface is back with their ninth release this time around on No Idea Records.  The UK punk rock band holds the title for being not only an influence on many current bands of today, but also in shaping DIY punk rock.  Formed in the late 80’s, Leatherface continues to rock on The Stormy Petrel.   This is the bands first release in over six years.

Having been a fan of Leatherface for years now I really was curious to see if they band still could contain their sound still and I will say that they have not lost their punk / folky  / post-hardcore edge.

The best way for me to describe The Stormy Petrel is to imagine what Gaslight Anthem might sound like if a tired Lemmy from Motorhead fronted the band.  Of course I am not saying it sounded exactly like that, but with gruff vocals on top of catchy melodic guitars I could not help but find the similarity.  The combination of the soft spoken singing of Frankie Stubbs, the last of two original members (Dickie Hammond being the other) I might add, and appealing rock jams just kept inviting me to listen to the album over and over.

I also liked the symbolism encased in the album’s title as it is in reference to a bird called a storm-petrel who sadly is threatened by human activity.  If you want more information about what storm-petrels are all about you should click HERE.  Don’t ask me how I knew this, let’s just say I love the Discovery Channel.

Looking deeper into the meaning I also discovered The Stormy Petrel refers to Joseph Hodgson, a man named a hero over a dozen times yet to this day has no tribute for all he accomplished.  Check out HERE and HERE for more interesting information about this man who was passed up in the history books.

“God Is Dead” started off the CD and I found myself immediately digging what I heard.  The lyrics were a little bizarre speaking of burying someone of a higher power in a shed but it was enjoyable to listen to as was the refrain that begged to be sung along with.  “My World’s End” just maintained my interested with a little more punk rock edge to it.  The music was not too overbearing and just fit perfect with Stubbs’ vocal strain.

The song “Broken” really proved upon my earlier music comparison as the music mirrored something Gaslight might play.  Perhaps one of my favorite tracks on the album, I could not help singing along with the uncanny track.  The following track picked things up a bit with “Another Dance” proving this album was emotionally all over the place.  Other tracks worth mentioning were “Diego Garcia”, “Monkfish” and album closer “Hope”.

With more of a melancholy feel throughout, the album was still a good listen from start to finish.  At times the lyrics seemed to repeat too much on tracks but it was not enough to turn me away.  It’s nice to see that this band is still putting out worthy material to listen to and what’s even better is that the band is currently touring in support of the release.  To hear that a 22 year old band is still hitting the clubs and playing out just proves that you are never too old to do what you love.

Look for Leatherface to play May 9th at Now That’s Class in Lakewood with very special guests Ninja Gun, Dead To Me, and Cleveland’s F*cking Cops plus others.  Doors are at 9pm and I am sure there will be a healthy crowd there that night so make sure you get there before it sells out!

UPDATE: Sadly Leatherface had to cancel their Cleveland stop due to an uncontrollable situation including border control. Should I find any more information out I will be sure to post.